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    Bartles & Jaymes Cans
  • Watermelon & Mint
    150calories 3.5%abv
    Made with real wine

    Watermelon & Mint

    The first time I tasted Bartles and Jaymes Watermelon and mint, I was struck by the subtle sweetness of watermelon, the freshness of mint, the sophistication of real wine, and the glory of the setting sun on my neighbor’s pond. It was like sitting in one of those old French impressionist paintings, only American, and with me in it. Ed was there too.

  • Ginger & Lemon
    150calories 3.5%abv
    Made with real wine

    Ginger & Lemon

    When it comes to flavors with exotic roots, Ed’s refined palette is an authority on the matter. And I must say that the Bartles & Jaymes Lemon & Ginger wine cooler is his crowning achievement. The zip of ginger, the zing of lemon, blended with real wine could only come from a mind as zesty as Ed’s.

  • Grapefruit & Green Tea
    150calories 3.5%abv
    Made with real wine

    Grapefruit & Green Tea

    Ed and I are both under the impression that Grapefruits, Green Tea and real authentic wine are all champions in their respective food categories. Grapefruit with its tangy sweetness, Green Tea with its...naturality, and real wine with its realness. We figured it was about time someone put all three of these champions into one Premium Wine Cooler.

  • Cucumber & Lime
    150calories 3.5%abv
    Made with real wine

    Cucumber & Lime

    Many folks believe cucumbers and zucchinis are the same. That is because many folks have not done a side by side taste comparison of the two. We are confident that our Bartles & Jaymes Cucumber & Lime Wine Cooler was the right choice. The crisp taste of cucumber, the tart flavor of lime, mixed with the smoothness of real wine were much more inspiring than the zucchinis we tried.

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    Thank you for your interest in our Bartles & Jaymes Premium Wine Coolers. We hope you are relaxing and enjoying one now. To aid in your continued relaxation, we have fully automated this section so that only one click is required. Please sit back and continue to relax as we tell our story.

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  • Back in 1984, it occured to Ed that between his fruit orchard and my wine vineyard we could create a truly superior wine cooler. The result was the Bartles & Jaymes Premium Wine Cooler.

  • We use real white wine. Because, if it’s called a "wine cooler" we reckon there outta be wine in it.

  • And Ed wanted me to remember to mention we use real fruit flavors, too. So whether you’re enjoying our premium product outside, poolside, fireside, courtside, seaside or in the countryside you’ll know each can holds quality inside.

  • I've found that life moves faster now than it did back in the 80s. And that’s just fine. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who get a real kick out of working on weekends and never-ending notifications.

  • But in me and Ed's opinion it seems a real shame that a lot of you have forgotten how to relax all together.

  • So I asked Ed, here, to put together a small presentation of relaxing activities to try with Bartles in hand.

  • Poolside

    Swimming pools are a relaxing summertime classic. Ed tends to prefer the below ground variety, as above ground options only have a deep end if they’re on uneven ground

  • Massages

    After a long day in the orchard, a massage can really do the trick. And just like Bartles & Jaymes Premium Wine Coolers, there's a flavor for just about everyone. There's Swedish, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu. We even heard of one where burly women wallup ya with tree branches for a while. Options abound.

  • Karaoke

    For a little international flair, might we suggest the ancient Japanese art of karaoke. No fighting is involved, but Ed warns it can occasionally inflict pain on others. Might we suggest Bartles & Jaymes paired with an 80s rock ballad.

  • Nature

    If naturesque experiences relieve your stress, our new flavors pair well with starry nights, portable coolers and bonfires with your granola friends in the woods. Ed said he once met a man deep in the aspens, adorned with piercings, who mentioned our premium wine coolers are even great after a nude dip in the hot springs. Who knew?

  • Chill

    No matter the streaming service you prefer, relaxing after a day's work is universally appreciated by all cultures and peoples. Couches are always great for sitting and ottomans work well for tired legs. Bartles & Jaymes compliments as a perfect couch companion for days you want to sit back and chill.

  • Boats

    Ed has been reading about reverse psychology lately and says many marketing professionals use it. Ed also says not to lay atop of the bow of a vessel and rest your eyes to the sweet sounds of lake life with a Bartles & Jaymes in hand. Again, you should not do that.

  • Squirrels

    Here is an image of a squirrel hoarding nuts for Winter.
    ...We just thought the image was relaxing.
    That’s all.

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Back in the 1980’s we had a lot to say about relaxing, and about our Premium wine coolers. We think our message is just as true now. Feel free to peruse our past and present-day commercials to see for yourself. And naturally....

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